Picuki Editor and Viewer for Instagram

Picuki Editor and Viewer for Instagram: If you’re an Instagram user, staying on top of your pictures and content can be a bit hectic. There are always new things to learn and explore with the app day after day, which is often times difficult. Lucky for us all though, we have Picuki!

A free online tool that lets you edit your stories, photos, and even view profiles anonymously; this tool is written in such a way that it simplifies using Instagram by breaking it down into a simplistic interface that’s easy to use.

You see that little picture up there? That’s a preview of what Picuki looks like when use. As mentioned previously, this webpage features some cool tools but here’s a quick breakdown of what exactly they do:

What is Picuki?

Picuki is Instagram’s best friend, not just a fan. With this web app you can browse profiles, the latest trends, hashtags and news; upload new content to your Instagram feed, or keep up with friends while browsing.

Unlike other tools you can use Picuki without restrictions: no download, installation or update delays.

Features of Picuki

There are plenty of ways to edit, move, and rename a photo. From cropping to resizing – you can do quite a bit with Picuki. It’s also incredibly easy to use! Just choose from the options shown below whenever you want to make a change to your original picture.

Use Instagram without Registration

Due to a high amount of spam and unwanted content on Instagram, the social media site implements various filters. These filters are designed to block inappropriate or spammy accounts from creating an account with their site in order to protect their members and save everyone time.

Despite this, there is a workaround! By using Picuki it is possible to see your favorite celebrity uploads without being registered on the social media site.


Check Followers and Track their Content

Picuki lets you check your followers and track their content. This includes posts that are public, group stories or even hashtags they use! It’s like a search engine for Instagram, so it can help you find any profile you want!

You can also see what type of content they like to follow and who their favorite artists are!

This is especially useful for business owners who might have a hard time keeping up with all the social media trends – now an app like Picuki is here to help solve this problem.

New Friend Finder is a fledgling application. It shows people close to you by the current location.

Its only function for now is for making friends. We are working on a wide range of additional features like group chat, file sharing and anonymous secrets where you can tell someone else about yourself without revealing your identity.

To view profiles, follow the steps given below,

 1. Register on Picuki.

2. Search for the username of the desired profile.

3. Select your field of interest.

4. Apply the search and choose the right ‘ account .

5. See all their photos and history easily!

Whether you’re an influencer looking to spice up your profile or simply a user of Instagram trying to achieve a better feed and experience for all of your followers, Picuki is the app for you.

Not only can you use it to add captions to your pictures, but you can also use it to edit them so they look just how you want them!


Free of Cost

Picuki is a tool — and that’s the best part! Because it’s not something you have to buy. You won’t be required to pay anything just to use this tool. In fact, all of its features are completely free. You can use Picuki as much as you want.

It has infinite potential too there’s no limit to how many accounts you can look at or how many photos you can edit!

Download Content

Downloading content through Picuki is easy. You basically need a direct link to your Instagram page and the kind of content you want, whether it’s pictures, videos, stories or any other kind of multimedia.

All you need to do is copy the link and paste it into our search bar after typing in a relevant hashtag or location. In just one click you can save all this data to your smartphone!

Track Popular Hashtags

If you’re an Instagrammer and want to expand your audience, it’s essential to get involved in conversations and engage with other users rather than just share photos of yourself.

Sometimes known as ‘hijacking’, releasing a popular hashtag at the right time is a great way to ride a trend and drive traffic towards your account.

Picuki can help you find out what hashtags are trending – if you need inspiration then why not find some ‘inspo’ by exploring popular tags? It’s another way of getting involved if ever there was one!


Compatible Devices

Picuki is a web application. There’s a desktop-compatible version which means it can be used on your PC or Mac, but you can’t access it directly on your smartphone.

However, we are in the process of making an app available for beta testing which will run off mobile data, so please check back soon if you wish to contribute.

The demo program works as great as the desktop version so we highly recommend using Picuki through our website only!


Picuki is completely anonymous! None of your data will be collected for other uses. Thus, you‘re able to view as many profiles as you want and they’ll never find out that you’re stalking them!

As mentioned on the website, “[person’s viewing profile are not visible to profile holder. Personal data, date, time of site access are not taken or will be not shown. “

Legal and Secure

Picuki is 100% legal. A web tool that lets you download material for free and offers you all the latest trends. This app has been banned in no country or city, so you’re guaranteed not to get into trouble if you use it!